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Help Build Your Dignity Wheelchair

People using the Dignity Wheelchair experience the benefits of this mobility device in different ways.

A fixed frame manual wheelchair custom built for you.

The Dignity wheelchair boasts a remarkably strong frame design. Testing conducted in nationally recognized facilities has confirmed that the Dignty wheelchair is strong enough to bear the weight of barieatric patients and can withstand the rigors of daily use. The Dignity wheelchair has passed all FDA required saftey testing and is approved for sale in North America.

The unique feature of the Dignity wheelchair is a key-hole shaped portion of the seat that can be activated either by the patient or by a caregiver. The lever, located on the side of the chair, when depressed, causes the key-hole portion to drop down and forward. Once the key-hole is dropped, the patient can back over a toilet of any height (see customization features later in this document) to allow for either a bowel movement and/or urination just as he or she would if seated immediately on the toilet.

When the patient is finished, the chair is rolled forward, away from the toilet, the key- hole portion is raised (using the same lever as lowered it) and the customized seat is returned to its normal seating status.

The key-hole design not only returns a measure of privacy and dignity to the wheel chair bound individual, it removes from the caregiver the burden of lifting the patient from chair to toilet and back.

Lastly, we are sure that this chair is going to prove to be durable and user friendly: